Habitats and Flora

The impressive habitat mosaic of the area includes 27 different habitat types, some of which are very rare for Cyprus and Europe in general, such as the salt lake. The flora of the area includes hundreds of plant species, many of which are Cyprus endemics. Thirty plant species found in the peninsula, are endangered and have been recorded in the Red Book of the Flora of Cyprus.

Interactive material

Akrotiri marsh

Akrotiri Marsh

Anemone coronaria

Anemone Coronaria

Anthemis tricolor

Anthemis Tricolor

Centaurea aegialophila

Centaurea Aegialophila

Dianthus strictus

Dianthus Ctrictus

Freshwater Wetland

Fresh Water Wetland



Ipomoea imperati

Ipomoea Imperati

Ipomoea sagittata

Ipomoea Sagittata

Juniperus maquis

Juniperus Maqui

Linum maritimum


Narcissus obsoletus

Narcissus Obsoletus

Onobrychis venosa

Onobry Chisvenosa

Ophrys levantina

Ophrys Levantina

Ophrys sicula

Ophrys Sicula

Anacamptis pyramidalis

Orchi Pyramidalis

Pancratium maritimum

Pancratium Maritimum

Posidonia beds

Posidonia Beds

Salt lake

Salt Lake


Salt Marsh

Sandy beach

Sandy Beach

Sedum sediforme

Sedum Cediforme

Shifting dunes

Shifting Dunes

Silene sedoides

Silene Sedoides

Sea cliffs

Sea Cliffs