Multi Agency Civil Enforcement (MACE)


What is MACE?
The overall aim of the MACE initiative (made up of SBA Police, Customs and Fiscal, Area Offices, Environment and HQ) is to reinforce existing SBAA agencies and enhance civil enforcement in an open and consistent manner by working together in joint operations to uphold the law and ensure the safety of civilian and military communities across the Sovereign Base Areas. Civil enforcement can be undertaken in a variety of ways and all are within the scope of the activities planned through the MACE initiative.
What powers do they have?
There are no new powers, the agencies supporting the MACE initiative will use the ones they already have.  We are in the process of training and authorising officers from Customs and Fiscal, Area Offices, Environment and HQ to act as Investigating Officers. They will then have powers to investigate offences and issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN).  The SBA Police and Area Officers have always had the power to issue FPNs under the Fixed Penalty Ordinance.
When will they be active ?
The agencies contributing to the MACE initiative are always active. We are intending to start authorizing people to act as investigating officers  from 07 July 2017
How do I know if somebody is an Investigating Officer (IO)?
IOs will have an Investigating Officer ID card and may be wearing a High-Viz waistcoat.
If I get a FPN how do I pay it?
IOs cannot accept cash.  The FPN is processed by the SBA Police and all fines should be paid either at their nearest SBA Police Station or via the internet through JCC Smart.
How can I report it if I see someone breaking the law?
You can find the phone number for the relevant agency on the SBAA website, and phone them directly during normal working hours or email them. Alternatively, you can report non-urgent matters to the police on 1443 who can pass the matter onto the relevant agency
If I report something will it be treated in confidence, will the person I complain about or report find out it was me that made the complaint?
All reported incidents will be treated in total confidence.
How much did the MACE initiative cost; I thought we had no money?
The MACE initiative is a new way of working for existing agencies, rather than a new organization itself.  There has been a small cost for the official notebooks and printing of clothing.
How can I challenge a FPN?
A fixed penalty notice is a way of dealing with minor offences as an alternative to prosecution. If you do not pay it you could be prosecuted for the offence instead.


Contact MACE Agencies 


Akrotiri Area office
2596 7295 / 2596 7294
Dhekelia Area Office
2474 4558 / 2472 3765
Customs & Fiscal
2474 4226
Environment Team
2596 3280
2596 8054


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