A further 20 people have now been invited for interviews at the SBA Police station after they were found inside during the raid.
Speaking shortly after the initial bail hearing, Chief Inspector Panicos Panayi explained there was to be no let-up in the SBA Police’s efforts to eliminate illegal casinos within the SBAs.


He said: “This remains one of our force priorities and we will continue to enter these premises, make arrests and seize what we find inside.”

The SBA Police have been working tirelessly in recent years to combat the problem of illegal gambling and despite Cyprus now having a fully-licensed casino operating successfully in Limassol, the problem still persists on the island. But according to the Chief Inspector, the SBA Police are making huge inroads into eradicating the problem. 

He continued: “There are of course still attractions to some people for gambling within this type of illegal casino but we are gradually closing all of them down now and by making multiple arrests, which lead to successful prosecutions, we are confident that this will act as a strong enough deterrent to those taking part.”