alongside 25 ‘student leaders, take part in a range of activities with 30 children and four teachers from the Trachoni Primary School.
During the bi-communal activities, which are now in their second year, students were taught traditional Greek dancing, games and undertook Easter egg decorating to further strengthen the relationships between the two communities.
Mrs Alex Kerr, the acting principal at St John’s School, said not only did the event aim to build the students cultural understanding of Cyprus and its traditions but she felt if also offered Year 6 students an educational and fun way of transitioning into Year 7.
She said: “Our Greek Easter celebration is one of my favourite events in the school year. We invite the Year 6 students from our feeder primary schools as part of their transition to St John's. In addition, we also invite students from the Cypriot community, this year from Trachoni school, who we enjoy a close relationship with, to help us to learn more about Cypriot culture. A
“With Greek dancing, egg bashing, food tasting, traditional games and a lovely souvla barbeque, we learn about the culture that makes us feel very welcome in Cyprus. This day is arranged and led by Cypriot staff in the school with the help of student leaders, the House Captains and Sports Leaders from all year groups.



“What a wonderful way to understand more about each other and to have fun at the same time.”
Savvas Alexandrou, the headmaster of the Trachoni Primary School, was also present for the day of bi-communal activities to celebrate Easter, and he said during a speech at the school that he was delighted to be invited along with his students.
He said: “Firstly, I would like to thank Mrs Kerr, the acting principal, of our neighbouring and beloved St John’s School.
“I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter in the traditional Orthodox greeting for the season, which is, ‘Jesus Christ Resurrected’ and I would also like to thank everyone for giving this opportunity to the students of both schools to get together.
“I wish for this co-operation between the schools to continue in in the coming years and I feel the need to thank once again the British Sovereign Base Authorities, especially the SBA Police, for the security and support they offer to our school and for making this cooperation possible. We are very grateful for everybody’s hospitality towards our school and community.”
Last month, the SBA Police in Akrotiri confirmed it had officially closed all illegal casinos operating within its areas and during a media event at its station, police officials announced that they had wiped-clean and given schools within the local community some of the seized computers to be used by students.
Speaking at the time, Maria Theofanous, the Headmistress of Kolossi High School was quick to thank the SBA Police and like her counterpart from Trachoni, Mr Alexandrou, she was quick to pay tribute to the police’s dedication to helping the local community.  
She said: “I would like to give my sincere thanks to the Sovereign Base Area Police of Akrotiri for the donation of the computers to our school.   
“The computers are used by our students on a daily basis since we have equipped most of the classrooms. Our cooperation as a school with the Sovereign Base Area Police of Akrotiri is in harmony on educational issues of our youngsters and for this reason we are all grateful.”