Statement of Purpose and Values

announcementOUR PURPOSE:

In providing a policing service is:

To uphold the rule of Law

To keep the Queen’s Peace

To protect life and property and to help and reassure people in need

To contribute to the security of the SBAs

To uphold the rule of Law

To operate a professional prison service

announcementOUR VALUES:

In achieving our purpose, we must at all times strive to:

Act within the Law, serving with integrity the ends of justice

Act fairly, reasonably, with sound judgement, without fear or favour and without prejudice of any kind

Ensure that the rights of all customers - especially the vulnerable - are safeguarded, regardless of status, race, colour, religion, sex or social background

Be courageous in facing physical danger or moral challenge

Be honest, courteous and tactful in all that we do and say

Use persuasion, common sense and good humour wherever possible as an alternative to the exercise of force and, if force is finally necessary,to use only that which is necessary to accomplish our lawful duty

Wherever possible, treat information received with confidentiality