The SBA Environmental Department was established in 2002 in recognition of new and impeding environmental legislation to which the Administration has legal and policy responsibilities. In accordance with HMG's 1960 Declaration on the Administration of the SBAs , the SBAA seeks to replicate as far as possible the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus and this also applies to environmental legislation. The SBAA is also a signatory to many International Conventions and with this comes an obligation to demonstrate good environmental Stewardship of the Bases. The SBAA has the responsibility for some of the most unspoiled natural areas in Cyprus; including a substantial number of designated sites, with statutory obligations to protect and conserve.


    To provide advice and policy on all Environmental matters within the British Sovereign Base Areas in support of British Forces Cyprus and to encourage good ecological and conservation practice    

Main areas of responsibility:
  • To provide advice and policy on all Environmental matters within the Sovereign Base Areas in support of British Forces Cyprus and encourage good ecological and conservation practices in order to meet statutory requirements.
  • Carry out statutory functions under environmental legislation.
  • Work in collaboration with other stakeholder departments and organizations in order to enforce environmental laws and legislation.
  • Oversee and regulate the environmental impact of military training activities.
  • Manage the Akrotiri Education, Environmental and Information Center which is part of the Cyprus network for environmental education.
  • Draw up Environmental Management Plans for protected sites – including management prescriptions and action plans
  • Provide input to stakeholder queries including parliamentary questions, freedom of information, reports for the Bern, Ramsar and Bonn Conventions and reply to any relevant queries
  • Provide advice on development applications within environmentally sensitive areas ( Special Protection Areas, candidate Special Areas of Conservation, Ramsar sites and Antiquities)
  • Undertake various surveys e.g. Vulture monitoring, Eleonora’s falcon breeding counts, Demoiselle crane and Flamingo surveys, Turtle surveys etc.) to meet statutory obligations.
  • Undertake environmental assessments including Appropriate Assessments, environmental impact assessments providing the environmental committee with scoping options
  • Undertake regular condition monitoring of environmentally sensitive areas (Natural and Historic).



Policy and Guidance




Special Areas of Conservation / Maps

Bird Trapping / Poaching Information
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