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The SBA Administration (SBAA)
The Administration is the civil government of the Sovereign Base Areas. The Headquarters of the SBAA is at Episkopi. Its range of interest is that of any civil government but, many of its functions, particularly in respect of the Cypriot inhabitants of the SBAs, are carried out by Republican officials on behalf of the Administration under delegated powers. The SBAA itself carries out those functions directly related to the exercise of sovereignty and the fulfillment of the UK’s commitments under the 1960 Declaration on the Administration of the Areas including – the enactment of legislation, maintenance of law and order and the control of immigration and development.

SBA AGLA Key Documents

  • logo documentsThe Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia Order in Council 1960 (SI No 1960/1369) is the constitution of the Sovereign Base Areas. It provides inter alia for the appointment of an Administrator is the basis for the Administrator’s legislative powers. It also provides for the continuing application of pre-1960 laws.

SBA Customs Notices-Guides

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